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My dear husband, Roger, is my best friend, confidant and counselor. Words cannot express all that he means to me. God has blessed him with the gift of poetry which he uses in his prayers as associate pastor for senior visitation at our church.

Roger’s family celebrates the marriage of one of his twelve grandchildren,
Kaleigh Lang to Kyle Benge.

Meet Roger

by Edna Maye Loveless

Unlike other pastors at the Loma Linda University Church, Roger McQuistan did not grow up in an Adventist environment. A nominal Christian, identifying with a Protestant church in his home town (Emerson, Nebraska), he had received a Bible embossed with his name in gold as an eighth grade graduation gift from an earnestly devout Christian aunt. Unopened, that Bible went with him to Korea, where he served in the US army. It went with him to Wayne State College in Nebraska, still unopened as he completed a bachelor’s in business education.

Married and with two children, he was rising in the insurance company where he worked as a hard selling, hard drinking agent. The Bible, new as the day he got it, was now in the desk drawer at his office. Acting on a rare impulse, he drew the Bible from the drawer one day. “I began to read it,” he says, “came under conviction, and decided to make some changes.” Within a month of that spiritual awakening, he had stopped drinking. It was a miracle. Soon thereafter, he says, "It came over me that smoking was not pleasing to God." He tossed his cigarette. A long-time smoker, he has never craved tobacco since. Another miracle, he acknowledges.

Pastor McQuistan credits his growing spiritual maturity with ensuing great advancements in his work. But he was discontent. He visited churches in his town, exploring the possibility of going into the ministry. None seemed quite satisfactory. Then Lee Greer, Adventist colporteur, called at the McQuistan home. It was 4 p.m. Invited to dinner, he began answering the McQuistans' questions. He was there until 1:30 a.m. A few months later the McQuistans joined the Adventist church.

After engaging in colporteuring himself, Pastor McQuistan went to work with Narcotics Education, Inc., placing Listen Magazine subscriptions during the early 60s in nearly every public school in a four Midwestern states. Ultimately, Pastor McQuistan moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, serving on a pastoral staff while studying theology, homiletics, and church history at Union College. During pastorates and administrative positions in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Kansas, Nebraska, and at the Review and Herald Publishing Association, he raised and educated four children. In Kansas he suffered the loss of his high school sweetheart/wife, an experience that deepens his response to bereaved spouses.

Today Pastor McQuistan shares with Pastor Dan Matthews the task of ministering to senior members. Since he joined the church staff, he has attempted to contact everyone on the church list who has senior status. Over 900 fall into the 65-79 category. More than 500 are over 80 years of age. Tuesday afternoons he’s on the phone, making appointments, generally with the 80+ members. At least 90 of them are shut ins. He’s in 10 homes a week, contacting approximately 500 people in a year.

He says, "Each day when I visit our Loma Linda University Church seniors, I come away feeling so blessed! So many of our senior members have fascinating stories to tell; many have experienced firsthand the trauma of World War II. As they recount their life stories and how God has led them, sometimes in miraculous ways, I realize anew the goodness of our God. Each senior is special to our Lord, and I count it a privilege to be their friend and pastor."

For more about Roger, read his story about how he found true happiness. [PDF]


A Prayer for the Blessed Hope
J. Roger McQuistan

Where we would be without the blessed hope of the resurrection?
We would be empty, like the inside of a black hole, with no sight, no sound, nothing!

Death without You is filled with the unknown, the absolute finality of existence, the terror of nothing beyond.
Life without You is like the sky without stars, flowers without fragrance, food without flavor!
Life without You is like a painting without color, a symphony without sound, a landscape without form!

But You are the Rose of Sharon, the bright and Morning Star.
And in You, we find the peace that passes understanding, joy without limits, love beyond compare!
In You beauty abounds even when storm clouds gather!
In You there is light even when the night is dark and the surroundings threatening.
Only in You can we find in the darkest night, a light that is a beacon to sanity and security.

You are the water of life that refreshes even in time of severest draught.
You are the bridge over raging waters that brings us to the quiet shore.

In Your promise of a life to come, we can face the future unafraid.
We can be certain that the heavens belong to us, the stars that shine are signals flashing that all is well in the Universe and our place is assured.

May Your Spirit this day inundate us like a rising flood, consume us like a raging fire, shake us like the quake of the earth beneath us, giving us everything we need that will honor You and prepare us for the day of Your coming.